Call of the Month: Run

This month’s call of the month is Run.

Starting formation:

Mini-Wave, Couple


Each runner (designated dancer) must have a non-runner either to the right or to the left, and these dancers work together.

The runner and non-runner exchange places: the runner walks forward in a semicircle into the non-runner’s spot (ending with the opposite facing direction), while the non-runner moves into the runner’s spot without changing facing direction.

Timing: 4

My Thoughts:

I like to think of this call as “do your own part of a trade while the others dodge”. A trade is always done with your current partner (the person in your own box who your shoulder is pointed at). If you don’t have a partner (i.e. an Alamo Wave), the caller must specify a direction for you to run (left or right).

Here’s how it looks from the standard formation:

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