Hatch Brothers B1 Square Dance Trivia Challenge

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#1. If a caller were to say “Circle” what would be the proper dance action?

Incorrect, the definition says “Dancers join hands with adjacent dancers to form a circle and move the circle in the indicated direction, or to the left if no direction was given.”

#2. From the home position, which direction do the girls have to turn to face their corner?

Incorrect, from a squared set the corner is always on the girls right, and the boys left.

#3. What does the term “Promenade Direction” mean?

Incorrect, the term “Promenade Direction” means counterclockwise.

#4. How many hands will you pull by while doing a Right and Left Grand?

Incorrect, you will give four pull bys.

Often callers will describe it as five, because they are including the Promenade that is often called afterword.

#5. If a caller said “3/4 Dosado” what would the ending formation be?

Incorrect, the call would end in a left handed wave with the person you’re doing it with.

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#6. If a caller said “1/2 Pass Thru” what would the dance action be?

Incorrect, the same position rule says “If two dancers are required to occupy the same position at the end of a call, and are facing in opposite directions from each other, they form a Right-Hand Mini-Wave.”

#7. Which direction do you turn if the caller says “U-turn Back”?

Incorrect, the correct answer is “Toward your partner, unless body flow dictates otherwise”.

#8. If the caller says “Ladies Chain 3/4” how many boys will each girl pass before the courtesy turn?

Incorrect, they will walk by two boys, then Courtesy Turn with the third.

#9. What is the difference between “Lead Left/Right and Veer Left/Right”?


The definition of Veer says “From Facing Couples, each couple works as a unit and moves forward and in the given direction to finish in a Two-Faced Line.”

The definition of Lead says “Directed couple(s), working as a unit, move forward along a 90 degree arc to face the couple (or wall) to their right.”

#10. Which of the following is true of the call “Do Paso”?


The definition says “Left Arm Turn with partner until facing corner and release armhold. Right Arm Turn with corner until facing partner and release armhold. If there is no further instruction, Courtesy Turn partner to end facing the center of the set. Otherwise, follow the next instruction, which will start with a Left Arm Turn with Partner, or with a left-handed Facing Dancer call.”

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